*UPDATED* How and Why to Give: Global Deaf Muslims


M. Richard Horrellschmitz


Hello all!

As promised, here is a more detailed post regarding how YOU can help support our Deaf sisters and brothers in Ghana through GDM.   As a tax-exempted organization registered with US Government, all donations to Global Deaf Muslim’s various activities will be deposited & received into GDM bank. Then the money collected for Muslim Deaf Development will be wired to MDD (Muslim Deaf Development, Ghana) bank in Ghana. That way US government will be aware of the source and destination of donation, money is recorded, and donation is qualified for tax deduction.

The following is a list of MDD needs:

~150 Plastic Chairs,

~20 folding plastic tables,

~50 praying mats/rugs or 5 larger and longer ones.,

~1 Large Screen TV along with a player/projector so that they can show Islamic programs as well as ASL activities, and other educational purposes,

~50 English version of the Quran,

~Used desktop computers

In addition to material donations, we are hoping to raise $10,000 USD to pay for:

~Utility bills(water, electricity, etc),

~Interpreters at the Mosque for weekend classes the Islamic teacher,


~5 staff and their security man all of which GDM have been taking care of


GDM and MDDG have are extremely dedicated to supporting this community and are stretched beyond their ability.  Nashiru Abdulai is counting on us to pitch in and help kick-start things so that this beautiful, tight-knit community can provide education, community support, and cultural activities.

To make a donation to MDD chapter in Ghana, click HERE, or copy and paste, 


Click HERE, or copy and past  http://www.flickr.com/photos/115431306@N08/sets/72157640113334273/  to see pictures of the Deaf community we are connected with.


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