Raising Awareness: Deaf Muslims in Ghana, Africa


M. Richard Horrellschmitz


Charity comes from the latin Caritas meaning, “from the heart.”   And so it is with a spirit of charity that I ask for you to lend your support to a worthy and needed cause.

islamic class in session (2)


Local Deaf sisters and brothers in Tamale, Ghana, Africa need our assistance.  Deaf Muslim Development, in partnership with Global Deaf Muslim, is looking to raise funds to purchase much needed educational materials including: books,  writing materials, property maintenance, and so on with the intent to enrich the lives of the Deaf Muslim community in Ghana, Africa.    This community is tight-knit and supportive of eachother, but they simply need assistance to continue to provide the assistance that this organization has been thus far providing.

Please help.  I will have a much more in-depth post coming shortly, inshAllah, but for now, donate directly to this worthwhile cause, click here.




Help ensure our Ghanian Sisters and Brothers receive the education they need and deserve.  This is a reputable organization, a secure donation site and I personally, along with my family, will be going to Ghana to hand deliver donations of materials.



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